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Digital security systems ensure encrypted transmission of your personal data. Furthermore, technical measures protect our website against damages, destruction or unauthorized access. 


A safe SSL connection ( Secure Soket Layer ) provides for the safe transmission of your personal data, including credit card and account information. The encrypted data is only deciphered when used by the payment system


3-D Secure programs are security systems that have been developed by Visa and Mastercard to ensure that only the registered card holder and the registered online retailer are involved in the transaction. If you are member of the 3D Secure Program, a pop-up will appear on your screen asking you to enter your password when making a purchase online. This window is linked to your bank and requires you to enter your SecureCode (a password that you have previously selected). Transaction con only be made by entering the correct password. Please contact your bank for more information and to inquire whether your credit card is registered for a 3D Secure Program.